(hed)p.e. stands for:(hed)p.e. stands for:
(hed) = deep from in yo mind
p.e. = Planet Earth


Jahred aka M.C.U.D. vocals Westyleguitars B.C. aka the KANG!!!drums Mawkbass DJ Product © 1969tableist Chad aka ChizadguitarsClick here to read the (hed)p.e. Biography


Some other random facts:
The (hed) crew toyed with calling their new album “12 Steps,” but instead went with “Broke.”
Serj from System of A Down and Morgan from Kittie both appear on the song “Feel Good” on “Broke.”  East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys appears on “Waiting To Die.”
The “Bartender” video was directed by Marc Klasfield.
(hed)p.e. changed its name.  The p.e.’s meaning will change every album. The crew wants to be known as (hed), with the p.e. only being a secondary part of their name.
(hed) was asked to record a song for the second Black Sabbath tribute album because of their successful stint on Ozzfest.  They covered “Sabbra Cadabra” for the album.
M.C.U.D. lended his vocals to a track on the Primer55 album, “Introduction To Mayhem.”
DJ Product appears on Methods Of Mayhem’s self-titled debut.
TiLo of Methods Of Mayhem was (hed)’s former backup singer.
Both M.C.U.D. and DJ Product appear on the track “I Know Where You’re At” on the Lynn Strait tribute album, “Strait Up.”
Westyle and Mawk are featured in the Ibanez guitar catalog while Chizad is a featured artist of the Fender Custom Shop.
The “Ground” video was shot in Orange County by the Monkey Butt Sex guys (who did the Unsane skate video–the video with the skateboarders crashing all over the place) and the live video footage at Club 369 was shot by the people at Black Flys.
There is a (hed)pe song in the movie “The Replacement Killers.”
For those of you who didn’t notice, the boys in the (hed) pe crew are down with The Simpsons.  Example # 1:  The song I.F.O mentions the name Kent Brockman, the main reporter of Springfield and host of Smartline, being on the scene with Sam Donaldson.  Example # 2:  On “ChurchOfRealities,” there is a sample of Mr. Burns speaking at the end of the fifth song, right before the mixing work DJ Product does before the beginning of “Ground.”
M.C.U.D. is Brazilian.  His mother and father were both born in Brazil.

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